Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wave ((D)) topping

Been a long time since I posted a chart here last. But since this is the most important pattern  topping since that topping in 2015, I figure I should.

A Contracting Triangle is completing wave ( c ) now. 

Trade posted on prior blog-post comments area

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekend update - Feb 22, 2015: A surprising success?

The ATH was broken definitively during two strong moves up in the final stages of our expanding triangle wave which is considered (( C )). Therefore, despite the time errors, there can be little question that this pattern should therefore be considered a SUCCESSFUL expanding triangle.

As such, it must be considered W of ( C ). Therefore, a touch of the upper trendline [typical for success triangles] is likely, followed by an X-wave.

There will then be another pattern Y of (C). The result of this second pattern will determine the next major correction.

What a bearish conclusion would look like

Here's what a bullish conclusion would look like

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

AM Update - Feb 18, 2015: Short-term charts in longer term error'ed context

The ATH has been breached. This causes errors in the analysis which makes the medium term analysis probably wrong shown within the green box.
1. No errors present in longer term timing (Green boxes timing ((E)) in total)
2. Errors present in medium term count (Red box timing issue (C) is too long vs (A) and (B))
3. Short-term trading count presented despite the errors present

The below analysis of ((E))'s incomplete (A)-(B)-(C) substructure contains an timing error that is not  permissable as it does not adhere to all 5 tenets of proper wave theory. Therefore, it should be wrong, but I have nothing else to present at this time.

Charts below:

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

AM Update - Feb 11, 2015: Slightly better large-scale count

Just the charts. No real substantial change to analysis.

Theres really no pressing need to update short-term analysis, because nothing much will change about overall expectations without a break of the ATH or continued upward movement past March.

Unless some more interesting action happens, expect blog updates only once a week.