Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17th - SPX - TSLA - SCTY

Yay gap up Monday.  Put all my comments in the charts today.  Have a great St. Patricks Night... (or what's left of it...)

Couple updates of previously mentions stocks:

EXEL - put in a bearish engulfing stick today.  See prior chart.
BTU - Green stick.  But still closed below the recent low of 15.77 (not by much) .. Volume was low, but I think that buying breakout above 15.77 with that serving as a low risk stop, would be a prudent trade.
VRML - Continues basing after that peculiar high volume ramp and collapse.  Things like that are often portents and I continue to watch this stock.
EXAS - CEO rings the bell tomorrow, March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month.
FCEL - Not touching this thing unless it fills that gap up from when I charted it a while ago.... grats to my buddies that made amazing coin on these stocks though!  I'm sure long term, there could be some winners in this space.   I would recommend fundamental research to help discern who that may be, but as of right now I don't have the time or the capital to devote to Hydrogen Fuel Cells or any hangers on.