Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 18th Lazy Update

Taking the night off from charting - just a few quick notes, as I'm celebrating :)

- Anyone following my blog knows I'm long EXAS.... Note that it traded 370k shares after hours and up an additional 8.87% off the close.  Break out to new all time highs (and doing same tomorrow in normal hours), Peer reviewed validation in NEMJ, and that massive ascending triangle all make for a great story still to come here :)

- SPX: Posted real time that I was selling equities in 401(k) at market on close.  Reason being I just didn't feel like being at risk going into the Fed Day tomorrow. No TA to point to, just taking profits and don't feel that this Fed Day will provide the upside the last few have.  Could be wrong, would be happy to be wrong.  Maybe we just make a new ATH tomorrow.

- BTU: Anyone that bought as it crossed $15.77 with a tight stop was rewarded with a profitable position and a risk free stop today.

Have a great night folks