Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 19th - SPX, EXAS & updates on previously charted stocks

Commentary in Charts.

CLVS - should have did an update on this yesterday, but it provided a low risk entry point in the $80's the day after I charted it and then zoomed.

ONVO - Good action here, hope you were able to get a low risk entry.

BTU - closed back below $15.77, not a good sign, but hopefully anyone that got long as it passed $15.77 also set a risk free profit stop.  Back to watch mode, will chart it again if anything interesting happens.

FCEL - These high flying Alternative Energy / Hydrogen Fuel Cell companies are taking a much needed breather, and FCEL is being walked down to the open gap from $2.20-$2.40.  Will Chart this one again if & when we see some action at that gap.