Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24th SPX, SSYS, FCEL

Comments in Charts

BTU - sizzling ... but it has ping ponged back and forth so I still wait.
EXAS - Good FDA Packet, good data IMO.  I am confident.
SCTY - From $88.xx down to $59.xx - I will be watching this one closer from here out - It's fall was swifter in both time & price than the last two major corrections off peaks, as seen in the chart from last week.
TSLA - Wicked drop right out of the bullflag. BUT - it filled a gap and made a hammer candle.  Still has open gap around $188 on the daily though.  Must be nimble if you're going to play with this high beta stock.

Even The Economist has some staffers that like to make fun of Doomer's and Russia's Anachronistic Jackhole ......

Have a good night folks!