Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday March 1st

We have a solid wall of worry in place too, with unrest and troop movements in Ukraine.

 Look at the chart.  It's really simple.  It's bullish until some lines get broken.  I am looking at the similarity of this last V shaped correction both in time and price to the similar one we had that bottomed end of June 2013, and what ensued after that, slightly higher highs and higher lows that gobbled up a lot of time.  Always possible we do a repeat, thus the highlight in the chart of the orange boxes.  Breaking the purple line would take this hypothesis off the table, and open up the possibility of a deeper correction in 2014.  If that happens Doomers will invariably get riled up for The Crash®.  I have labeled with a little green arrow the more likely occurrence in my mind.