Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Night April 14th SPX

Comments in charts - hope you had a great weekend gentlepeople.

Other commentary,

"Bio" & "Tech" continue to get crushed.

Organovo down $1.01 to $6.25, after just a few days ago briefly rallying back above the "neckline" stop we had.  Ouch.  I will and do continue to watch this company for a long term "future vision" purchase, but I'll do so carefully, Seeking Bottom....

Exact Sciences getting crushed today.  This stock is not for the faint of heart, and who knows what the reason for the latest sell off was/is.  There was an obvious Seller of volume.  Who can say? I hold this fundamentally.  People getting scared out of solid companies with solid products and prospects over a "biotech correction" is too bad.

BTU flew up into the 18's but fell back into the upper end of it's recent range.  Still a good hold for anyone fortunate to get in @15-16.50