Thursday, May 1, 2014

May 1st SPX, various stock updates, and contest update

Updated the stock contest figures for end of April and closing the book on the first quarter. Len is killing it !

Dow made a new closing high & SPX looks poised to at least run at that neckline again...

FCEL: Just fully filled that gap up from 2.20.  Yikes.  Here's the chart from before... time to watch for some positive basing/reversal action up ...

BTU - definitely making ground! nice reversal!
CLVS - think it has been under 50 recently.. precipitous drop, as warned.  Does it fill that gap? sure could anyway its a lot closer now.
EXAS - I remain a commited long term investor and believe in the company, management, and product, and look forward to the earnings call today!
CNIT - one of the guys long picks was CNIT... well, it's gotten crushed so far this year - but when doing the contest update today, I noticed that it is at a REALLY interesting long term chart location to place some bets.  All yah gotta do is look at it, to see you got a nice set up for a bet the breakout (or breakdown), or a straddle trade.