Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30th, SPX ARIA STEM

We'll start with the boring and not particularly inspired SPX update. Just some goofy guess lines on what might happen, in the over all structure of a steep uptrend with confirmed breakout of an IHS that targets 2060 and provides an excellent steep line stop long (SLSL)

Next a biotech, that has been boring for quite a long time since it had ... "issues", I believe stemming from the propensity of Iclusig to cause clots.  It has developed a neato chart with neato lines.  Thats all the more in depth analysis I'll offer LOL

and finally an update on STEM, which I started a small position in at $1.99 as part of a position in a basket of stem cell companies.

Have an excellent holiday week and enjoy your Independence Day folks !

P.S. I updated the stock contest for the end of June and also added the opening prices for picks as of January 2nd open.