Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 29th 2014 $SPX

Just a quick and dirty daily chart SPX update tonight folks, as we are in a support zone, going into a Fed Day.  Good luck all!

other updates:

ACI - obviously broke the 52 week low and was a fail trade.  Anyone that got long with me should have been able to set a profit stop as it traded up around 5% off the low before breaking down. Grats to anyone that got short off the 52 week low break $$

EXAS - consolidating nicely in the 15-17 range, awaiting the big news.  Not much to say here, I wont bore you with the great news & stock price can speak my mind from here on out.  Am preparing for a "sell the news" on FDA approval, which if it happens will merely be a huge buying opportunity.  Good luck all longs.  Shorts, thanks for all the money.

BTU - fresh new 52 week lows a few days ago.  All of coal bounced today.  Something to watch, but getting long on a bounce off fresh 52 week lows would be foolhardy.  Wait and see if it can gain any traction.  There are coal companies out there with good dividends and low debt.  This, is not one of them.  Their debt overhang should make any shareholder nervous.

ARIA - broke the descending wedge hard, went down hard.  Since then it has rallied back to the horizontal line and is worth watching for another short entry, or a long entry on breakout.  A couple of "fierce" green candlesticks there... wowza.  Could be making an IHS bottoming pattern.  Could also just be short covering rally as it was heavily shorted.  It is at an interesting place.  Trade accordingly.