Saturday, September 13, 2014

9-13-2014 $SPX Why Guess And Try To Top Pick A 20%+ Correction?

Every few weeks as I look across the landscape of the blogosphere I am amazed at the people that guess over and over that The Top Is In ... as in The Big One.  Hide ya kids, Hide ya wife. 

 I don't get it at all.  Sure every once in a while I like to try to front run some downside action... but only to BTD.  If we're going to get a big correction, the market will let you know.  My favorite thing to watch for the potential of a real correction happening is my patented and trademarked Purple Line™.  I don't care when or how a big correction comes, I simply refuse to guess at it until the purple line gets broken.  It's that simple for me.  Right now we're roughly 4% above the purple line.  Chump change if we're going to get a 15-25% correction.