Wednesday, December 10, 2014

2014 Stock Contest Closes, 2015 opens

So as 2014 comes to a close, it's time to think about next year's stock contest.

 The rules are the same.  Common stock on individual companies, price as of the December 31st closes. UPDATE:  someone can close a position at any time, and it will be effective as of the close of when they post (here, on this thread) they would like to close it.  IE: if you post it before market close, it is effective that day, otherwise it is effective as of the close of the next trading day.

Categories are obvious ... Best Long, Best Short, and Best Cumulative (long % + short %).

Submit your stock picks to me, with moniker/long/short either in comments here, or by email (which is available in the "about me" box).

Submissions (or alterations) must be made by midnight on December 31st.  For the sake of my sanity I would like to keep it under 25 entries.. as updating the contest throughout the year eats my precious time.  First 25 entrants get to participate.  Get your picks in, and if you want to change them make it explicit to me please... I'm not some bookie doing this for my financial well-being.

When 2014 comes to an end, I will edit this post with the overall numbers of the 2014 contest.

May The Odds Always Be In Your Favor! :)

 Update: The results are finalized
Long Pick:

#1 shared - Wags & Pontificus: +133.53% with EXAS
Amazingly there was only one other long pick that ended the year green.
#2 Len: +9.22% with FCEL Worst Long Picks go to Gollum for CYCC (-82.59%) and Katzo7 for SDRL (-68.52%)  

Short Pick:

#1 Pontificus +87.79% with WPCS
#2 Len +43.64% with TWTR
#3 shared - Geno & Meds +22.18% with AMZN
 #4 WheresMyCheckAt +18.38% with FSLR

 Cumulative Percentage, all contestants

#1 Pontificus 221.32%
#2 Wags 140.74%
#3 Len 52.86%
#4 Crop Circles -.79%
#5 WheresMyCheckAt -15.02%
#6 ChartRambler -15.67%
#7 Meds -21.98%
#8 Geno -22.88%
#9 Katzo7 -59.10%
#10 Dow2K -70.14%
#11 Gollum (aka EXAS Hater, Sonic Cocoon, World's Greatest Volatility Trader) -73.17%
#12 iShart Commodities -74.54%