Tuesday, January 13, 2015

EOD Jan 13, 2015: Medium-Term Hourly Contracting Tri, Short-Term 5-Min Expanding Tri

I will do my best to update twice daily.

My wavecounts are constructed based on 5 principles:
A) Basic Construction Rules
B) Time Balance
C) Power relationships between patterns
D) Post-pattern behavioral requirements
E) Support and resistance

 If you have any questions about the count or how it adheres to one of these principles, post them in the comments.

Short-Term SPX Analysis
{5-min view of Exp Tri}
If all goes as shown, planning to go long tomorrow after this final pattern bottoms. wave-E is a double-correction.

Medium-Term SPX Analysis
{hourly view of Con Tri}
Notice the time boxes. This pattern should complete with a peak by the end of the red box (c). Thats why im looking to go long very soon at the end of this near term pattern.