Wednesday, February 18, 2015

AM Update - Feb 18, 2015: Short-term charts in longer term error'ed context

The ATH has been breached. This causes errors in the analysis which makes the medium term analysis probably wrong shown within the green box.
1. No errors present in longer term timing (Green boxes timing ((E)) in total)
2. Errors present in medium term count (Red box timing issue (C) is too long vs (A) and (B))
3. Short-term trading count presented despite the errors present

The below analysis of ((E))'s incomplete (A)-(B)-(C) substructure contains an timing error that is not  permissable as it does not adhere to all 5 tenets of proper wave theory. Therefore, it should be wrong, but I have nothing else to present at this time.

Charts below:

Longer-term w/ substantial error in medium term area as shown (C) cannot legally be this long in time. Naturally that would lead one to look for another progress label, but none are possible.

Short-term (error-free)

Super short-term