Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Exact Sciences Sells Off On Earnings Beat

EXAS reported Q3 earnings this morning and beat expectations on nearly every metric. Numerous Sell-Side Analysts came out reiterating buy recommendations.  So why did it sell off?

 The Street was expecting a bigger beat and it was priced into the stock, perhaps.  Lots of traders were expecting another monster jump in share price ala Q2, and jumped ship when it did not materialize, perhaps.

Whatever the reason - fundamentally the company is on much sounder footing than it was a year ago.  Gone are the days of binary events and regulatory hoops to jump through.  Not many large commercial payors left to come on board.  Starting July of next year, language and conversations with commercially covered patients will become more positive.  The pipeline looks like it could start to shine in Q1 2017, with some language expressed on the conference call about data being put out on or around the JPM healthcare conference.  Language about accelerating WoW and QoQ sales growth was positive.  And yet, they are just starting to scratch the surface, as they put it, on market penetration.
This is a gift, and I am treating it as such.  I maintain that this company has a bright future, and I keep a close eye on their published scientific papers and patent applications.